At iGSM our aim is to assist those companies who want to expand their sales throughout the world.

We share your global vision, ambition and want to do business on a national and international stage.


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Do you need new sales direction for your business?
Do you need help to break in to new markets?
Do you need a new supplier or factory to work with?
Do you have a new product idea but don’t know where to start?

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Welcome to our website which is a brief insight to iGSM Ltd and services we can offer.

iGSM was established in 2012 to assist suppliers and manufacturers expand their sales and introduce them to new customers and markets.
We all know that there are many issues facing modern business of today, we can help with two of the most important questions:

How can we increase our sales?
How can we do better with our products?

In a fast-moving sector, meeting the ever-increasing demands of your customers, whilst keeping control over costs is paramount.
The challenge of guaranteeing product quality and on-shelf availability requires a fast and efficient supply chain.

It are these very challenges that we at iGSM have been addressing for many suppliers and manufacturers around the world.
At every stage of the supply chain from factory to consumer, our experienced sales, manufacturing and product sourcing teams ensure product supply meets fluctuations in demand.

As a foremost global strategic supply chain partner, we work closely with our customers and manufacturers who already rely on our sales excellence and our commitment to ensure on-shelf availability of their products across all retail channels on a global scale.