LEGO Dimension has detailed a three year plan to introduce new levels and characters, taking the property to at least 2018.

This week sees the first wave launch of LEGO’s arsenal of sets and expansion packs t compete in the now burgeoning toys-to-life market, joining the likes of Skylanders, Disney Infinity and Nintendo’s amiibo.

Wave two of LEGO’s offering is then scheduled to arrive in December, before Wave three in January, Wave four in March and Wave five in May.

But LEGO Dimensions game developer TT Games has revealed that when it comes to support the new title with add-ons ‘there is no end in sight.’

In an interview with Eurogamer, Mark Warburton, associate producer on the LEGO Dimensions game franchise, said: “we have a three year plan at the moment and we have got no intention of stopping there.

“We have created the technology to the degree that we are happy it meets our needs for the future. We have created the toy pad so that it shouldn’t need to be updated. And we can just create new level and character packs to keep expanding that.”

However, despite the potential continuation for the game, Warburton is quick to point out it doesn’t detract from the value of the LEGO Dimension Starter Set.

“You can 100 per cent game and get the Platinum trophy just from the base set,” he continued. “People have been playing LEGO games for ten years now, and we shouldn’t be offering anything less than that.”

LEGO Dimensions’ base set includes an array of characters from across a number of hit franchises, including Batman, Lord of the rings, Doctor Who, LEGO Ninjago, The Wizard of Oz. The Simpsons, Ghostbusters. The LEGO Movie, Scooby-Doo and Jurassic World.

The LEGO Dimension Starter Pack retail at £99.