Toy manufacturer Hexbug has announced its partnership with the UK’s largest action-sports school for children, Team Rubicon.

The announcement comes as the company also reveals it is running one of its biggest marketing campaigns to date in the second half of 2015, in the lead up to the Christmas period.

The sponsorship of Team Rubicon is exclusively for the Tony Hawk Circuit Boards by Hexbug range, and will see the range reach thousands of children annually.

The company’s teachers will visit schools, council events and festivals, where they provide skateboard, scooter and BMX lessons to children in a safe and fun environment.

Hexbug has added multiple new products to its extensive ranges this year, including new AquaBot products and the nano V2 Neon Launchpad. These products, along with the Tony Hawk Circuit Boards range, will be a big focus of the company’s marketing activities ahead of Christmas across the UK and Ireland.

The motorised and fingerboard range and nano V2 Neon Launchpad will be advertised on the UK’s biggest children TV channels, including Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and CITV, starting from 21st September to 3rd January and gaining 1200 TVRs.

Cartoon Network will also run a fun web drive campaign in December linked to an online microsite including a skateboarding game to engage its viewers with the Tony Hawk Circuit Boards by Hexbug range, and online banner activity on the Cartoon Network website.

“Christmas is a crucial time in our industry, so it’s the perfect time to vamp up our marketing efforts, and we have some great new products to focus on,” commented Heather Corbett, marketing manager at Innovation First and Hexbug. “We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Team Rubicon and we know this will make for a very exciting year.

“We don’t think there is any better way of directly reaching so many children whilst giving them the opportunity to be hands on with the Tony Hawk products.”

For more information, visit the Hexbug website here.