Here are just some of the services we can provide

  • Sales Management Consultation.
  • Representation & Distribution.
  • Global Product Sourcing and Manufacturing.

Sales Management Consultation

If your aim is to expand into the UK or overseas markets, we can assist you with market research; identify potential partners and building up business links.
We can negotiate terms and draft all your legal documents. We have a wide experience of international brand management and when it comes to dealing with major retailers we have 18 years of positive trading history.
Or you might just simply want to expand your sales territories and export your products overseas. We can act as your agent, representative or distribution partner.
Our multi-brand sales team connects leading brands with the largest and fastest growing retailers in most global markets. This delivers the optimum spectrum of product buyer access across all relevant price points.

Representation & Distribution

iGSM can also offer the service of a distributor / wholesaler we have our own distribution centre and have been actively distributing product for over 2 years into many different retail channels.
iGSM distribution represents a number of highly renowned brands exclusively in the UK.
Our own warehouse with a surface area of 2000 m2 handles its own logistics, stock holding and very fast delivery.
We also offer the possibility for drop shipment service at the customer’s request.

Global Product Sourcing and Manufacturing

Establishing cost effective sources of supply in low-cost-countries has become a pre-requisite for survival in many industries.
We maintain contacts with a wide range of suppliers in China, we have dedicated office and partners in Hong Kong who have many years experience sourcing all types of consumer goods. From premium to quality high end consumer goods, all aspects of your sourcing needs can be looked at.
We are experts in product design, packaging and quality control and can manage all elements from an idea to a finished product ready for sale to the end user.
All safety standards and certification will be adhered to. Just tell us what you need and we will do the rest.